ROAD MAP INTRODUCTION Introduces National Transport Information Center

Basic ITS plan (implementation strategy)

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  • 2001~2005 Phase 1 : Implementation strategy
  • 2006~2010 Phase 2 : Growth and innovation phase
  • 2011~2020 Phase 3 : Maturity and advancement phase

Roadmap of the National Transport Information Center

Roadmap of the National Transport Information Center
Goals Provision scope
Phase 1 Link ITS of 5 metropolitan zones Intelligent traffic system for 5 metropolitan zones
System link according to metropolitan plan
Phase 2 1. Enhance linked provision of
real-time traffic information
2. Expand base of nationwide
1. Increasing linking and provision of real-time traffic information on entire expressway section and general National road

2. Expand bases such as standardization to secure compatibility and interoperability at national level
Support establishment of traffic information exchange standard
(technical standard)
Support expansion of nationwide standard node link system
Phase 3 Provide traffic information
portal service
Provide traffic data search such as traffic flow information
Provide customized information for each user

Final goals

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Top ITS center at national level
Reviewing/Adjusting ITS plan
Establishing, applying, and supporting the standard
Developing/Implementing education and training
Efficient traffic information link

Realizing green traffic and transportation safety welfare by providing customized traffic information service in real time.

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