Traffic management service

Traffic management for fast, safe, and smooth passage
Collects, communicates, and uses incident related information for safety management
to provide mobility and safety to the road, and provides traffic information to the public.

Everyone can use the road faster with smoother traffic thanks to the control of traffic flow with signals that are operated according to traffic conditions.

Traffic management service about traffic condition

ITS reduces injuries and property loss and minimizes impacts on traffic by identifying and responding quickly in real time to unexpected situations such as traffic accidents, vehicle breakdown, and road wear, using the cameras installed on roads, while also dispersing the volume of traffic by guiding drivers to the fastest route using real-time traffic conditions, time to destination bypass routes, and parking information.

Traffic management service about using cameras installed on roads

ITS reduces traffic accidents and traffic inconvenience caused by violation of traffic regulations. It enables safe bus operation by automatically checking for violations of the exclusive bus lane restriction, and prevents accidents and allows smooth travel with automatic parking enforcement. It prevents fatal accidents caused by speeding via installation of automatic speed enforcement systems in accident-prone areas or in areas notorious for speeding.

Traffic management service about checking for violation

The system detects risk factors in real time, such as foggy and icy areas, road wear, and obstacles, then provides the traffic information to drivers, enabling drivers to use roads safely and preventing secondary accidents by handling unexpected situations quickly.

Collecting and providing public transportation operation information in real time
Collects public transportation operation information and enables the public
to use public transportation conveniently by using data for operations and management,
securing timeliness through provision of operation information.

Improves the quality of public transport services by flexible adjustment of bus service according to traffic conditions and by promoting operation under adherence to traffic laws.

Resolves concerns about waiting time by providing service information in real time, such as the current location of buses and estimated arrival times. Allows convenient taxi calling using smart phones, and promotes the convenience of passengers by operating handicap accessible taxi services.

Provides transfer information for convenient use of various means of public transportation by linking and integrating the operational status and schedule information for various types of public transportation.

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