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Nationwide traffic information service

Distributing various traffic information to provide various traffic information
Plays role of a hub to share all traffic information nationwide.

The National Transport Information Center plays the role of a hub that links, integrates, and manages information systematically and efficiently, so that information collected from all types of transportation (passenger cars, airlines, sea transport, KTX, buses, subway, etc.) and transportation facilities (roads, airports, seaports, stations, bus shelters, subway stations, railroad stations, etc.) in the country can be shared.

The foundation is laid to provide nationwide traffic information in real time to the public at any time and any place. The zone information is collected and provided by linking and integrating the information on traffic conditions, unexpected situation management, and public transportation operations, which are services offered by each local government. Opportunities are given to the public to enable them to compare information on each means of transportation and select a more economic type by collecting various information such as on the type of transportation (bus, rapid transit railway, airline, seaport, etc.), weather information, and expressway traffic information. The real-time traffic information that is connected and managed nationwide is provided through TV, radio, and navigation so that everyone can use the

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Nationwide ubiquitous traffic information and travel information
Provides optimal route, type(s) of transportation, and travel information combined
with various additional information
to the travelers using various media
based on the traffic information.

The information user can make a reasonable decision using all information needed for a trip, such as the driving time from the current location to the final destination, means of transportation, optimal route, and time required. Travel information is provided using various media (Internet, navigation, etc.) combining the regional information, tourism information, and convenience facilities based on traffic data.

Image about nationwide ubiquitous traffic information and travel information

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